Small moving boxes: The book box is great for storing heavy items, such as books, magazines, DVD’s, toiletries, tools, heavy kitchen items, and more in your self-storage unit. Perfect in small storage units.
Box dimensions : 16″x12″x12″ (1.5 cu/ft).

Medium moving boxes: This box is great for toys, books, pots & pans, small appliances, electronics, computer equipment, kitchen items, clothing, and shoes. Anything you have in drawers or on shelves. easy storage.
Box dimensions : 18″x18″x16″ (3.0 cu/ft).

Large moving boxes: One of our more popular boxes. Use this box for lightweight, bulky items such as linens, blankets, clothing, plastic kitchenware, lampshades, toys. We have self storage for all these boxes.
Box dimensions : 18″x18″x24″ (4.0 cu/ft).


Below are some of the many U-Haul items we carry on hand, we can custom order items for you, please note the items may vary from the description, please call to make sure we have your items in stock. Stacking boxes is a great way to save space, when you use our Self Storage units at Ancaster Mini Storage. We are located in Ancaster, Minutes from Hamilton

We can provide you assistance of what size self storage unit you may need based upon how many boxes and items you have.  Located in the Ancaster Business Park minutes from Hamilton, Dundas, and Brantford we are here to help look after all your moving and self storage needs at Ancaster Mini Storage and U-Haul.


Efficient, economical and versatile for numerous packing needs. Recommended for fragile or heavy items such as electronic or stereo equipment components, paintings or sculptures and crystal or glass items. We want to protect all your items while in our self storage units. Or just buy so you can POP the bubbles.


Clean, white newsprint. Use it for wrapping and packing dishes, glasses and other miscellaneous items. Keeps your belongings clean and your hands free of ink. Let us look after your moving and Self Storage needs.


Mattress bags keep your mattress and box springs clean during moving or storing while protecting against soil, dust and water damage. Bag is made of heavy-grade 2.0 mil. We usually have this in stock at our storage facility. Perfect when your storing in our self storage units.


Dish Saver Kit includes 32 reusable foam pouches (8 each for saucers, large plates, salad plates, and bowls), 5-piece cell-divider unit designed to separate, isolate and protect, and an easy-to-lift box with handholds stock. Call Ancaster Mini Storage to check availability.


Glass Pak Kit includes 18 reusable foam pouches, 7-piece cell-divider unit designed to separate, isolate and protect glassware, crystal, stemware and/or porcelain figurines, and an easy-to-lift box with handholds. Call us at Ancaster Mini Storage and U-Haul located minutes from Hamilton in the Ancaster Business park to see if we have this on hand.


We are here to help make your move into our self-storage units easy. We look after customers from the Hamilton, Brantford, Dundas, and Ancaster area. We will help you choose the right boxes and packing supplies, and also help you with your Self Storage needs. Ancaster Mini Storage has been proving Self Storage in Ancaster for over 20 years.


These double-wall boxes makes unpacking a breeze and clothes stay virtually wrinkle free through the move. Pack your shoes at the bottom to save space. These can also be used for storage in your attic or basement. Please call us ahead to ensure the availability of these boxes. At our Self Storage facility minutes from Hamilton and Dundas in the Ancaster business park, we are here to help, at Ancaster Mini Storage and U-Haul.

Of course we have lots of tape for all our boxes.  At Ancaster Mini Storage we have all the moving supplies you may need.

Give us a call and we can help look after all your self storage and moving needs.

Located in the Ancaster Business park minutes from Hamilton, Dundas and Brantford